Woodward Design+Build

Building a Stronger Brand in Construction

Since 2006, Line 58 has helped Woodward Design+Build strategically consolidate their brand image throughout the Gulf South region, utilizing every tool from web design to vehicle graphics.

Line 58 took all of our divisions and services and tied everybody together. Now we're seen as the large, capable company we were all along.

Ken Flower, Head of Preconstruction, Design, and Engineering
Woodward Design+Build | New Orleans, LA

Line 58's strategy for the revitalized Woodward Design+Build brand emerged when our research revealed that clients didn't understand the full capabilities of the company. The solution involved the creation of the Woodward Groups--Steel, Millwork, Engineering, Design, and Service--that clearly communicate that Woodward is a unified company with a very big toolbox.

Immediately, prospective clients began to perceive Woodward Design+Build as a larger, more sophisticated, more capable partner in construction. Now Woodward is one of the most recognized brands in the business in the Gulf region. Woodward Design+Build's Headquarters features a large custom sign designed by Line 58.

Custom embossed and printed folders organize and contain a broad array of presentation materials. Line 58 has also created uniquely branded jobsite graphics and vehicle graphics for their diverse fleet of trucks, cranes, and work vehicles.

Line 58 designed and developed Woodward's redesigned, responsive website to showcase the company's team approach--as well as their evolving portfolio and capabilities--with an eye toward competing in new markets.

Each of Woodward's Groups--Design, Engineering, Steel, Millwork, and post-construction Service--utilizes its own brochure, all of which showcase the company's overall team approach.

Our investment in Line 58 has resulted in a valuable extension of our marketing team. We collaborate well on projects, which makes it faster and easier to get to smarter solutions.

Rob Norton, Marketing
Woodward Design+Build | New Orleans, LA

Branding is carried out through uniforms, hard hats, and even water bottles.

A customized RFP system results in documents that are easier to produce as well as to digest. This has resulted in greater confidence going after new work, as well as a stronger track record of winning it.

An updated in-house newsletter is mailed out to employees and their families, bolstering widespread pride and camaraderie.

About the Client

Woodward Design+Build is one of the largest design and construction firms in the Gulf Coast region. They offer an enormously diverse range of services and capabilities via an Integrated Design+Build approach.