Design Driven Development

For years, Wisznia Architects created beautiful work for their clients across Louisiana and Texas. When they decided to become their own best client by designing and developing mixed-use projects in downtown New Orleans, they hired Line 58 to expand the brand we created for them a decade earlier. Now they have a new brand that supports their new business model.

After branding Wisznia Development, Line 58 was brought in to brand their first three adaptive reuse projects. The Maritime, The Saratoga, and The Garage will transform three historic buildings in the New Orleans Central Business District into beautiful apartment space.

Visit wisznia.com

In a simple, bold statement, Wisznia's website simultaneously divides and unifies the two halves of their portfolio, allowing visitors to learn about the two companies from architectural and developmental points of view.

Mobile advertising promotes both the parent company and its individual developments--all renovations of historic and early-modern buildings with an eye towards ecological sustainability.

Business papers for both architecture and development divisions represent an evolution from earlier branding also devised by Line 58 in the late '90s.

A playful tone underlies all that Wisznia does. Gee Wisz? Sorry--we couldn't resist.

Business cards playfully represent the two halves of the whole, promoting to the recipient the idea of the company's yin-yang approach.

Line 58 created powerful and effective signage for Wisznia's Maritime Building project which created buzz and interest in the apartments during the construction phase.

Customized construction graphics for one of Wisznia's premier developments--The Maritime New Orleans. With messaging touting the "downtown lifestyle", the temporary graphics were an investment in reminding passersby of Wisznia's commitment to good modern design in new residences that now occupy the city's first skyscraper.

About the Client

After two generations of traditional architectural practice, Wisznia Associates decided it was time to become their own best client. Now split into symbiotic companies, Wisznia Architecture and Wisznia Development, the brand promises "design-driven development" in the form of cutting-edge residences in a climate of boring beige apartments.