Tipton Associates

Collaborating on a New Brand for a Team of Architects

Tipton Associates approached Line 58 because they needed a new web presence and through the process, we also tackled a rebranding. Our comprehensive look at the Tipton brand resulted in a unique mark and a restructured website that is easy for them to update.

The brand and site are definitely suiting us well. We have had several old clients reach out to us for new projects recently and I can't help think the site contributed. We’ve also seen clients inquire about whether we provide additional scopes of work than we had previously provided them such as interior design or planning.

Jennifer Hall, Business Development Director
Tipton Associates | Baton Rouge, LA

Designed and developed a mobile-first website which is used as a primary marketing tool for Tipton Associates.

Visit tipton-associates.com

New website for Tipton Associates which emphasizes their team as well as the firm's services - architecture, planning and interior design.

New business papers with the strong, modern mark were unveiled for the launch of the new brand. In addition to the new logo, we developed a color scheme and typography specs to position Tipton Associates as a leader in the market.

To expand the brand, Line 58 delivered an ad template that prominently features the Tipton Associates portfolio as well as a branded Title Block they use for all drawings.

One of the re-designed entrance signs for the Tipton Associates office.

About the Client

Teamwork isn’t just a buzzword at Tipton, it’s how they approach everything. There’s a reason that a firm founded in 1879 is still around today. The traditions and legacy established, as well as many of the same institutions, are still working together 130 years later at Tipton Associates.