Tulane City Center

Building a Brand for People Building Our Community

As the primary venue for outreach projects at the Tulane School of Architecture, the Tulane City Center is at the center of numerous progressive projects in and around New Orleans. Problem was, no one knew that. Through strong branding, Line 58 helped the Tulane City Center get the recognition among important funders and potential collaborators that they deserved.

Line 58 designed the logo for the Tulane City Center to communicate their role as a facilitator of dynamic projects around New Orleans. The branding resists the typical hard geometry so often associated with urban design and architecture--it instead reflects the organic nature of New Orleans' growth, as well as the organization's.

The Tulane City Center website tells the stories of their many successful projects and programs while also encouraging visitors to get involved. Line 58 designed a website and content management system for the Tulane City Center that provides a tremendous amount of power and flexibility in a small website.

About the Client

The Tulane City Center houses the Tulane School of Architecture's applied urban research and outreach programs. They deal not only in academic theory -- they also design, build, and advocate for better cities.