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Casting a Wider Net

An Outer Banks favorite for more than 20 years, Steamers has become a culinary destination among locals and visitors alike. In 2012, Line 58 helped refine the Steamers brand, enhancing their online presence and implementing a consistent visual brand across their communications to help bolster recognition. In 2016, Line 58 supported Steamers when they made the leap from a seasonal, take-out-focused concept to a new full-service location in nearby Southern Shores. Today, Line 58 continues to support Steamers with print advertising, menu design, email marketing, and social media efforts.

Line 58 is a strategic partner. Each team member has a strong understanding of what we do and how we can do it better. We’re the seafood experts, and they’re the marketing, web design & branding experts. They take care of the stuff we don’t have time to worry about and they do it with enthusiasm and precision.

Chris Braswell, Co-Owner
Corolla, NC