For a Diverse Photo Company, a Refined Focus

Line 58 assembled a complete picture of ProMaster's markets and customers, its resources and its goals, and then crafted the brand solutions to accomplish them. We ran executive workshops to refocus and reposition Promaster brand and facilitated creation of brand voice and messaging and refined target markets.

There's been an immediate response. The shelf presence is so much more modern and accessible to consumers. They see a brand that covers all the bases and they can see at a glance which products are designed for their particular needs.

David Guidry, ProMaster Retailer
Lakeside Camera Photoworks | Metairie, LA

Creation of new visual brand: logo, color palette, and product line strategy.

When ProMaster asked Line 58 to revamp its image–its product branding and visual identity–the company knew that simply commissioning a logo would not be enough. ProMaster's new logo features a playful rosette which combines "analog" printed dots and a single square "digital" pixel, a graphic representation of the changing nature of photography.

Packaging system; branded templates for members, in-store signage, shelf-talkers, and custom iPad sales tool.

A sample of offerings shows only the tip of iceberg that is ProMaster's 10,000+ products. Line 58 designed the new product packaging for ProMaster and then worked with ProMaster's in-house team to roll out the brand.

Line 58 went beyond applying new graphics to existing products by helping ProMaster's leadership rethink their offerings. One outcome was the introduction of the ProMaster Professional line. ProMaster Professional products offer a higher level of quality and performance and are indicated to customers by a different color scheme.

Line 58 charted a comprehensive approach, conducting interviews with sales teams and retail members, convening stakeholders from around the country for strategy sessions and carefully assembling a complete picture of ProMaster's markets and customers, its resources and its goals, and then crafting the brand solutions to accomplish them. The new brand was unveiled to retailers at the annual meeting of dealers in Jacksonville, FL.

Brand packaging for ProMaster batteries, including logo imprints directly on the product.

A full suite of ProMaster products designed to be appealing and informative throughout the purchasing process. Line 58 also worked on In-store way finding and signage and point-of-purchase materials.

About the Client

ProMaster produces high-quality photo equipment and accessories. This Connecticut-based company helps photographers capture the best images, while the 500 stores in its retail network across North America serve as imaging experts, helping customers present their images in innovative ways.