The Murphy Institute

Line 58 created interrelated identity systems for an academic institute and its programs, The Center for Ethics and Public Affairs and The Center for Public Policy Research. Extended work included a twenty-million dollar capital campaign, posters for speakers and events, yearly newsletters, business papers, and a new website.

Murphy Institute Business Cards. The "rosette" in the logo is taken from a twelve-foot stone adornment on the front of the Romanesque building that houses the programs, coincidentally a series of interlocking circles that we felt reflected Murphy's interdisciplinary nature.

Sub-branding for Murphy's ambitious capital campaign--"Interconnect"--revolved around the interdependent nature of students and faculty, faculty and faculty, the school and its alums, the school and the "real world", and of course the various disciplines.

Personal notecards reflect the nature of the capital campaign.

The Murphy Institute Website utilized by students and faculty and serves as the event calendar to publicize all the lectures.

A banner for the Center for Ethics and Public Affairs that goes with a set created for the lectures hosted by The Murphy Institute.

A sophisticated email marketing campaign keeps the schools alums and donors "interconnected" with news, events, and publication announcements.

About the Client

The Murphy Institute offers an undergraduate major in Political Economy at Tulane University. One of the school's most popular interdisciplinary majors, its students engage in serious study of economics, politics, and philosophy.