White-Collar Smarts in a Blue-Collar Industry

With over fifteen years of working together, Line 58 has helped Intermarine grow from $25 million to $225 million worldwide via a wide range of successful marketing tools and sales environments.

Line 58 has made it easy to be one brand, one company--even though we have offices in a dozen cities and nine countries. They've worked with us on everything from our annual calendar to custom trade show exhibits to delivering our website in multiple languages worldwide. Frankly, the've not only raised the bar for communication in our own company, but the ripple effect is that they've raised it in our industry.

Greg Stangel, VP of Marketing
Intermarine | Houston, TX

From the beginning, Line 58 used good design to position Intermarine as thinkers who create smart, customized solutions that challenge the commodity attitude of the their industry. Over the course of our long collaboration, we've helped Intermarine navigate from a $25-million company to one with revenues in excess of $225 million, leaving others in their wake. Since Intermarine's early days, customers have come to eagerly await a gift--a custom, three-month-at-a-time calendar.

Line 58 designed and developed Intermarine's primary website. They also turned to us for a number co-branded websites and multi-language sites targeting China and Latin America as well as global email-marketing campaigns.

Intermarine's website brought clarity to Intermarine's complex content and data, and featured a custom-programmed, easily-updateable database of routes and schedules that allowed the company's world-wide clients access to the latest shipping information.

For Intermarine's China office, a Line 58 devised a multilingual website that embraces a rapidly growing audience and allowed Intermarine staff to update content whether in Shanghi or Houston.

Over fifteen years, through virtually every form of marketing and brand communication possible–from customized corporate PowerPoints to twenty-foot video installations–Intermarine still harnesses the umbrella brand that Line 58 created with them.

The exhibit takes the high road–rather than making a hard sell, Intermarine provides an exciting, luxurious space in which the show's international attendees are encouraged to gather and socialize.

Line 58 worked with Intermarine's in-house marketing team to create and deploy worldwide advertising in multiple languages as well as custom PowerPoint presentations for business development and other marketing collateral. Line 58 ensured that all tactics supported a single unified global brand.

Shipping massive industrial components such as wind turbines, rail cars, and mining trucks, Intermarine's approach to break-bulk shipping requires more of a problem-solving approach to logistics than that of basic container shipping.

About the Client

Intermarine is one of the largest–and certainly the most dynamic–project cargo carrier in the world. Founded in New Orleans in 1990, they ship massive industrial components such as wind turbines between North America, South America, and Asia. They also own and manage their own port in Houston, Texasthe largest project cargo port in the United States.