Growing Home

Get a Lot for a Little.

Line 58 created a fun and approachable brand for a program that encourages residents to create gardens on vacant lots they purchase from the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority. Since many of the grant applicants have minimal landscape design experience, clarity of communication has been critical to the success of the program. As Growing Home took root, we nurtured its brand via strong, comprehensive web and print work.

A fun and approachable brand for Growing Home, that rolled out on a website and printed brochures, aimed to put homeowners at ease as they explored this new opportunity.

The Growing Home website is clean and easy to navigate. It is highly visual as many potential users have limited experience with designing gardens. It contained detailed application procedures, design guidelines, and materials resources as well as new model gardens.

The primary print brochure explained the Growing Home project to prospective applicants. Since many of Growing Home's participants have limited web access, the rich printed brochure had to communicate as much as possible without risking becoming outdated.

Much of the brochure parallels the content of the website, but is presented in somewhat simplified form.

About the Client

Growing Home New Orleans is an initiative to green the Greater New Orleans area. Residents with blighted lots adjacent to their homes are encouraged to purchase the lots and are given incentives to landscape the properties, thus helping to revive neighborhoods that often feel less than inviting.