Camelback Ventures

Changing the Face of Social Innovation

We created an optimistic and vibrant brand for Camelback Ventures so they could attract financial backing and connect with inspired leaders who are passionate about improving education.

As a start-up you are always trying to cast a bigger shadow than you may actually have at the time. The brand that Line 58 created for us communicated in a way that allowed national partners and funders to be inspired and take our work seriously. Having worked with other firms before, I appreciate the Line 58 team acted as true partners by asking tough questions, keeping a constant flow of communication, and delivering on a great product.

Aaron Walker, Founder
Camelback Ventures | New Orleans, LA

Colorful and bold materials communicate the approachable and professional personality of the brand.

A dynamic marketing brochure effortlessly educates people about Camelback Ventures' unique business model.

About the Client

Aaron T. Walker founded Camelback Ventures after successful careers as a teacher and an attorney. Inspired by the Camelback homes of New Orleans, the organization's name grounds them in communities, motivates them to help entrepreneurs get over the hump, and reminds them that their ventures must “break the back” of the opportunity gap in one generation.