Brickman Nonprofit Solutions

Empowering Community Organizations

Alan Brickman, founder and Principal of Brickman Nonprofit Solutions, is both a poet and a rocker whose goal is to empower change in nonprofit organizations. Line 58 aimed to create a fresh yet professional brand for him, fusing sentiments of traditional literature with modern edge. Line 58 worked to formulate an appropriate company name and clarify brand position and messaging.

Line 58 worked with me to create an attractive and compelling website and the related marketing materials for my consulting practice. The website they created for me resulted in a significant amount of new business almost immediately. I believe the success of my business fundamentally derives from my skills, experience, and track record, but in case after case, it has become clear that my new website closes the deal. I can't recommend Line 58 highly enough.

Alan Brickman, Principal
Brickman Nonprofit Solutions | New Orleans, LA

Suite of business papers designed for Brickman Nonprofit Solutions are both energetic and strategic.

We created a modern and strong, yet approachable, logo to mimic Brickmans's straightforward yet good-humored approach to organizational planning.

The clean, professional new website conveys Brickman's experience and expertise as both a local and national company while highlighting successful client experiences via case studies. The crisp site includes beautiful typographic layouts to highlight Alan's literary side as well as his vast experience in the industry.

The Brickman brand expanded into a playful yet powerful identity system using the bold "B" in Brickman as a unifying design element that adds an unexpected punch to the company's letterhead and envelopes.

About the Client

Brickman Nonprofit Solutions offers customized and data driven organizational planning to nonprofit, public sector, and philanthropic organizations.