Acute Medical

Evolving Marketing with Surgical Precision

Line 58 took an evolving and abstract business model, gave it a sense of approachable authority, and helped Acute Medical grow to a multimillion-dollar business in record time. We worked with the entrepreneurial owners of Acute Medical to craft a Brand Strategy that supports their unique entrepreneurial business model.

Line 58 helped us to focus both our communications and our look so we could speak to multiple audiences. The result is that we've been able to double our revenue goals in two years, and we continue to accelerate with their help.

Charles Josephs, Co-Founder
Acute Medical | Dallas, TX

Acute Medical tasked Line 58 with designing a credible and professional brand that would allow them to lay claim to a unique business niche. We delivered a wide variety of branded materials including business cards, brochures, prescription pads; and branded clothing such as lab coats and surgical scrubs

By approaching the company's early challenges strategically, and by working from the very beginning as their partner and advocate, Line 58 helped Acute Medical double their revenue goals in two years. While the Acute Management pieces above are aimed at hospitals and potential partners, Acute Surgical and Acute Orthopedic speak primarily to patients.

By the end of our first project with Acute Medical, Line 58 had created a brand that lent this innovative Dallas, Texas based start-up a sense of authority to a wide array of audiences: hospital administrators, top-flight trauma surgeons, and the patients ultimately benefiting from their forward thinking. This mailer's audience is administrators looking to improve efficiency, cut costs, and, most of all, increase patient satisfaction.

Rolling out everything from business cards and brochures to branded prescription pads, lab coats, and surgical scrubs, to the design and development of multiple websites, we've created a dynamic brand that reflects Acute Medical's expertise and staying power as a long-term partner for hospitals looking to improve patient satisfaction while streamlining costs.

A modern, confident, but approachable identity speaks to three separate audiences: hospital administrators; doctors seeking to join the Acute team; and the emergency room patients themselves.

Acute Medical invited Line 58 to assist them in creating compelling corporate presentations and printed materials supporting their new business development efforts.

Line 58 designed, wrote, and deployed a system of four unique websites controlled by a single content management system supporting a unified brand strategy.

Web design and development for patient-focused website supporting Acute Surgical Care Specialists.

Web design and development for patient-focused website supporting Acute Orthopedic Care Specialists

About the Client

An innovative company based in Dallas, Texas, Acute provides team-oriented and highly-skilled surgical staffing solutions to urban and rural hospitals throughout the southwestern United States.