The Power of Web Sprints: Functional Upgrades for an Academic Think-Tank

Take a look at the enhancements we made that helped increase ERA-New Orleans' website traffic by 550 percent!

An upgraded look designed and programed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design for

Website traffic has increased over 550% since we made the web sprint upgrades live.

— Hite Billes, Web Developer, Line 58 Branding & Web Design

What is a Web Sprint?

My favorite definition of a sprint is "a brief spell of great activity" - which is exactly how I'd describe web sprints with Line 58 Branding & Web Design. Web sprints are basically fast moving website upgrades that occur over a short period of time - typically in just a week or two. These powerful mini-projects are perfect for clients who want to enhance their existing site in some way.

For example, Line 58 recently carried out a series of web sprints for The Education Research Alliance for New Orleans, a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding the post-Katrina school reforms in New Orleans. ERA-New Orleans actually came to Line 58 in their infancy, which allowed us to strategically partner with them from the get-go. Line 58 created the look and feel of their brand, and continue to collaborate with ERA-New Orleans to make their research known and respected on a national scale.

Line 58 took us from a concept to a polished, successful think-tank with national recognition and press coverage from trusted media outlets such as NPR and Education Week.

— Douglas N. Harris, Director, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans

ERA-New Orleans paper presentation with media coverage and a backdrop designed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design

What We Did For The ERA-New Orleans Website

One of the first web sprints Line 58 completed for ERA-New Orleans revolved around their June conference: "The Urban Education Future? Lessons from New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina." The conference was held in June and was a great success, thanks in part to the conferencing system we built out for their website.

The ERA-New Orleans conference schedule page on an iPad

In addition to an Overview page containing general information about the conference, Line 58 created a tabbed Schedule with links to the individual event pages for the conference. We also designed Speakers and Participants pages with with functionality that enabled ERA-New Orleans to associate event sessions with the speakers presenting them. We even built out live stream functionality that allows ERA-New Orleans to stream their events in real-time. But the best part about this robust system? Line 58 designed it to be flexible, allowing ERA-New Orleans to use it for any conference they host in the future.

Individual speaker pages include event sessions featuring the participant as well as contact information, a photo and a brief biography

ERA-New Orleans returned to Line 58 Branding & Web Design to reimagine their homepage in another web sprint. Our goal this time was to focus on creating a more dynamic, user-friendly experience for visitors. To do so, we created flexible content cards with beautiful, eye-catching photography to guide viewers to key events and news articles within the ERA-New Orleans site. We also reconfigured the main navigation to enhance usability and clarity. We made the Tulane University co-branding more prominent, pushed social media links, and updated the layout of the team and bio pages, all in one, 1-week sprint.

BEFORE Web Sprint

Screenshot of a portion of the ERA-New Orleans homepage BEFORE Line 58 web sprint

AFTER Web Sprint

Screenshot of a portion of the ERA-New Orleans homepage AFTER Line 58 web sprint

It's only been six months since we made these upgrades live, and we've already seen a 550% increase in overall site traffic. Talk about a "brief spell of great activity" with great results!

Our continued partnership with the Line 58 team ensures a cohesive, professional, and accessible brand that engages our targeted audiences and propels our organization's success.

— Douglas N. Harris, Director, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans

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