Offor Walker Group: A Case Study in Brand Positioning

Optimizing an Executive Search Firm

One-sheet complete with custom icons designed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design to help ensure success for Offor Walker Group's client pitches.

Line 58 created a beautiful marketing piece for Offor Walker Group that clearly communicates our unique process and dedication to success, which has helped us turn leads into clients.

— Ify Offor Walker, Founder & Chief Talent Matchmaker, Offor Walker Group

Making the Match

Offor Walker Group is an executive search firm that specializes in matching high-performing leaders with purpose driven education organizations. Founder and Chief Talent Matchmaker, Ify Offor Walker, engaged Line 58 Branding & Web Design to develop audience driven content and a professional-looking brand and online presence to generate new business for their growing company.

As with most all our projects, the Line 58 team began the rebranding process with Brand Strategy, including a workshop to better understand Offor Walker Group's mission, personality, and key differentiators within the market. This resulted in the creation of Brand Foundations, Target Audience Personas, and a Messaging Matrix, all complied to help us strategically position Offor Walker Group as an elite talent matchmaking firm and to define the advantages of partnering with Offor Walker Group.

Converging on a Design Solution

The brand discovery and strategy work we do on the front end is extremely helpful in providing the design team at Line 58 with artistic direction for the rebranding process. For Offor Walker Group, we focused on creating a brand that personified their company: smart, modern, and sophisticated with a touch of personality.

Our goal was to design a logo that embodied these words while illustrating the core purpose of Offor Walker Group – to bring people together; to make a match. With that in mind, the design solutions we landed upon explored the use of directional and converging elements to convey the unification Offor Walker Group facilities between two separate entities.

Logo and corresponding pattern design concepts presented to Offor Walker Group by Line 58 Branding and Web Design

The selected logo design for Offor Walker Group feels professional and innovative with converging arrows on the "R" and "W" letterforms that visually represent the matchmaking process.

Custom branded icons developed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design to illustrate the unique Offor Walker Group matchmaking process.

Letterpressed business cards designed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design for Offor Walker Group.

Branded collateral materials for Offor Walker Group including letterpressed stationary, business cards, and one-sheet for marketing and client pitches.

Close-up of letterpressed social note for Offor Walker Group.

Connecting on the Web

Line 58 also created a custom-built, responsive website with content we developed to attract right-fit clients and candidates to Offor Walker Group's firm. Because we know that connecting with your audience on the web is key to sucessful marketing, we designed Offor Walker Group's site to tell an engaging and easy-to-digest company story, backed by powerful testimonials. We also included a persistant Call to Action form in the footer to generate new leads for Offor Walker Group by incouraging visitors to get in touch with a few simple clicks.

Offor Walker Group's Homepage developed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design.

View of the entire homepage designed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design for Offor Walker Group.

Mobile view of the Offor Walker Group website's Team section highlighting Ify Offor Walker.

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