Want to Make an Impact at a Conference? Tell People to Leave.

When Advantage Medical Professionals exhibited at The Travelers Conference, we got them to try something unintuitive: encourage the attendees to ditch the conference hall.

Every year, The Travelers Conference brings together hundreds of travel nurses and the organizations that support them for three days of workshops, seminars, and a trade-show style exhibition in the heart of Las Vegas.

As exhibitors at the conference, Advantage Medical Professionals had two main goals: to stand out from other staffing agencies and to collect contact information from as many of the attendees as possible for future recruitment efforts.

But instead of participating in the regular arms race of only giveaway swag items, Line 58 counseled Advantage to try something more meaningful. We didn't just want to give away a tote bag and a cheap pen, destined to get thrown out eventually.

Considering the environment (Las Vegas!) and our audience (travel nurses) we wanted to create a meaningful and engaging experience that attendees would remember. And so, we crafted an integrated conference strategy that reached beyond the booth with a social media contest that sent conference-goers on a selfie-seeking scavenger hunt up and down the Vegas Strip.

Around the World with Advantage celebrated the adventurous side of travel nursing by encouraging conference attendees to visit five global-themed landmarks (including Luxor, New York New York, and Caesar's Palace) and post selfies at various locations with a contest-specific hashtag. These selfies were collected on a special Facebook page created for the event.

The grand prize, a Bluetooth-enabled suitcase from Bluesmart with GPS tracking and USB charging capabilities, was perfect for the travel theme, and we gave out a number of other prizes (S'well water bottles) to encourage participation.

The temptation at a convention is often to compete on sheer spending. You want the best grab bag or the biggest display. We focused on providing the best experience—which happened to involve playing hooky.

— Devin Bambrick, Line 58 Brand Strategist

These custom notebooks, styled as passports, served as our primary giveaway items—encouraging potential leads to stop by Advantage's booth and strike up a conversation.

We produced boarding pass-themed notebook inserts to explain the contest rules and provide directions to the five locations on the Las Vegas Strip.

Not only was the contest the subject of discussion at the Travelers Conference, it also spurred a wide array of digital content for Advantage's social platforms. Advantage's team shared some of the entrants' selfies, which helped create a sense of community and commonality between Advantage's digital followers and the conference-goers.

I had a blast! Thanks Advantage Medical Professionals for this great gift!

— Katrina M, grand prize winner

Over two days, the Around the World with Advantage campaign generated hundreds of contacts that Advantage was able to feed into their email ecosystem for later activation and follow-up.

In the week following the conference, Line 58 sent an email blast to the newly-captured travel nurses to strengthen the relationship and keep their conversation with Advantage going.

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