Connecting with your Audience on the Web

As more people use websites as their main source of information and search engines continue to refine their algorithms, compelling content has increased exponentially in importance.

Films and video games deliver successful experiences that impact people on an emotional level. This is something people will begin to expect more from websites and applications that they use everyday.

— Francisco Inchauste, Smashing Magazine

Line 58 Branding & Web Design created a flexible system for Steamers Restaurant to update and adjust the content as their needs shift.

The Art of Storytelling with Steamers

Your website needs to tell your story and engage with users. At Line 58 Branding & Web Design, we've found this strategy applies to many of our projects but has been really impactful for Steamers, a fresh & gourmet seafood restaurant on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

The previous version of their website was based on their business offerings but didn’t communicate well to their audience. As branding and web strategists, the Line 58 team realized that we needed to find a way to engage site visitors and direct them to the best ways to enjoy delicious Steamers fare. Utilizing a modular system with different content types, Line 58 developed a dynamic home page that’s flexible for the client and compelling to the users.

Most of Steamers' users are on their mobile device at the beach so it's important that the site is clear and easy to use.

You don't always know where your users are when they're on your site but in this case we understood that the majority of potential clients are on the beach and on vacation. With that in mind, and knowing that time is of the essence when browsing the web, Line 58 decided to integrate messaging with imagery and incorporate testimonials from customers to facilitate the decision making process in an efficient manner.

We just had our best week of sales since opening in 1994, and our catering is completely booked for 2015. We credit this success to Line 58's fantastic work over the past few years, and specifically to the site upgrades they launched for us this summer.

— Linda Coats, Owner of Steamers

This upgrade has proven to be well worth the investment since Steamers had their best week of sales to date in late July. At Line 58, we are, of course, tracking the analytics and can see an improvement in overall traffic, which is up 22% from last year – double the growth from 2013-2014. Talk about compelling storytelling!

Ready to tell your audience-driven story online?

If you'd like some guidance engaging with your audience, start a project with Line 58 and we'll pull a team together to focus on your story. You can also read our related blog post on How to Generate Audience-Driven Content for your Website. If you're interested in learning more about this topic, check out the Smashing Magazine articles on Content Strategy & Storytelling.

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