Brand Foundations: Setting Your Brand Up For Success

To grow the reach and success of your business, you need to have firm foundations you can build upon. We believe that developing a series of truths for your brand is integral to guiding your business plan and ultimately your sucess.

Brand Foundations: the cornerstones of strong brands. Developed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design.

Building on Solid Ground

Much of the programming I watch on TV involves people hunting for houses. Beach shacks, log cabins, houses up in trees, and most confusing to me – tiny houses. Really, you want to live in a yurt?! (I yell this passionately at the TV).

By being obsessed with these shows, I've not only raised my blood pressure, but also my awareness of the importance of foundations. No matter how much curb appeal your future open-concept teepee with an en suite bathroom featuring a clawfoot bathtub has, it must first and foremost rest on something solid.

This holds true for your business as well. To continue growing the reach and success of your business, you need to have firm foundations you can build upon. When we engage with a client – big or small, e-commerce or nonprofit, New Orleans or New York – we always start with a workshop to establish a set of truths that are our rock.

What Are Brand Foundations?

Brand Foundations are a set of internally-facing statements collaboratively developed by Line 58 and our clients to describe what makes their company tick. Who is the company's target audience? What adjectives personify the brand? What makes your organization uniquely different than the others within your industry?

Why Do We Create Brand Foundations?

These statements do more than just clarify the purpose of our client's company. In fact, they actually help to guide and inform various assets of the brand. The look and feel of the logo, the appropriate color palette, the nature of imagery is associated with the brand - all spring up from knowing who you are, who you're talking to, and why they should be listening.

We worked with Line 58 years ago to create our Brand Foundations, and we still use them to this day to guide the way we talk to our customers, employees and investors. They are our north star, and how we gut check: is this decision right for our brand?

— Joe Spitale Jr. | Co-Owner, Atomic Burger

Atomic Burger billboard with messaging and design by Line 58 Branding & Web Design.

Using Brand Foundations to Make a BIG Statement

Back in May when I wrote about creating audience-driven content, I mentioned Brand Foundations as a great tool, and that when you use this tool it's important to remember that the foundations are meant to be an internal guide, not forward-facing. This allows you to be honest, and aspirational, and to use words you wouldn't necessarily put up on a billboard.

BUT when you DO decide to market your brand on a billboard (or any other outlet for that matter), you'll always have a handy tool to check the design and messaging against to confirm everything still rings true. That's why Brand Foundations are one of the greatest tools for ensuring a successful and consistent brand.

Ready to Build Your Own Foundations?

Whether your brand is micro-cabin or mansion-sized, you can get the benefits of determining your Brand Foundations, messaging, or audience development by scheduling a workshop with us today.

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