4 Month Engagement Leads to 30% Sales Increase for Atomic Burger

Crafted Messaging and Beautiful Design Will Impact the Bottom Line

New billboard for Atomic Burger designed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design. Photographed (along with additional enviornmental signage below) by Jeffery Johnston.

We owe a large part of this success to the Line 58 team, who helped us communicate our core values to the public with creative, meaningful messaging and attention-grabbing design and advertising solutions.

— Nick Spitale | Co-Founder & Owner, Atomic Burger

Getting Started

When does it make sense to hire a studio to do a project? When is it better to enter into a long-term engagement? And what is the difference, anyways?

Business owners come to Line 58 Branding & Web Design with a variety of needs and budgets. When they see our portfolio of successful brands, one of the first questions is almost always some version of, "How much did that cost?".

It is a legitimate question. The answer, however, often depends upon whether we are talking about a project or an engagement.

Project vs. Engagement

A project is generally outlined by the business owner or their marketing team. They are coming to us with a pre-defined project and asking for us to execute within the parameters of that project. An example of this would be the packaging we did for Nola Foods. You don't need a 12-month engagement to complete this type of a project and it would not add any value to have one. This is a perfect candidate for a single project for Line 58 Branding & Web Design.

If, on the other hand, there is a business problem to be solved that has implications across the business and/or across channels (web, social media, print, in-store graphics, etc.) then you may want to consider an engagement that allows a studio to not only deliver the pieces you know you need, but also to draw upon their professional expertise and bring ideas to the table that you may not have even considered.

To oversimplify this a bit: A project says, "I know what we need and it is this big and says this." An engagement says, "I have seen what your studio has delivered for other businesses and the results they have achieved. I want some of that! How do we get started moving my business forward?"

The following is an example of a recent engagement Line 58 executed with Atomic Burger during the first Quarter of 2015.

New table tents designed by Line 58 that communicate Atomic Burger's value proposition.

A Complex Problem

According to a January article by CNBC, sales in the Fast-Casual burger market grew by 9% in 2014, compared to only a 3% growth in the traditional Fast-Food market. These numbers indicate that when it comes to burgers, customers are becoming increasingly more interested in premium ingredients and higher food quality, even if it means paying a little bit extra at the counter.

The owners of Atomic Burger came to Line 58 because they wanted to improve the quality of their ingredients and they needed to raise their prices to do that. They wanted to be sure they did not damage relationships with their existing customers in the process. They also wanted to increase awareness for their brand and to improve the dine-in experience for their patrons. This is not a problem that can be solved through a single project!

So we centered our engagement around the following questions: How do we communicate the value of this price increase to the public? Moreover, how can we maintain and even increase traffic to Atomic Burger as we raise prices to improve food quality?

Creative Solutions

At Line 58, we believe compelling content is the key to connecting with your audience. Luckily for us, the owners of Atomic Burger, Nick and Joe Spitale, understand this as well. We kicked-off our engagement with them by crafting messages for Atomic Burger that we could then use to increase brand awareness and communicate the brand's value proposition to the public. Truth is, anyone can sell a hamburger. But in order to have a strong brand, you need to have messaging that distinguishes you in the market and is consistent across all channels.


Atomic Burger has always been committed to providing customers with delicious and healthy food – fast. They prepare each meal the right way – from the start – by using quality ingredients. This thoughtful business model is what led us to the development of the single phrase: Fast Food Done Right, from the start.

New environmental signage Line 58 designed makes Atomic Burger's core message visible to everyone.


Fast Food Done Right became the cornerstone and checkpoint for a whole matrix of messaging designed to highlight the value of Atomic Burger's food. And because we were able to do the legwork on the front end, we were able to quickly jump into the next phase of our engagement: design and implementation. During this phase, we developed a series of design solutions for the restaurant environment and for their advertising efforts on and off location.

We created colorful table tents with engaging copy to reinforce the quality of Atomic's burgers. We designed branded ketchup bottles to support and enhance the customer dine-in experience.

Cutom-branded ketchup bottles and playful table tent designs help to enhance customer dine-in experience and reinforce Atomic Burger messaging.

Atomic Burger's branding extends throughout their property and increases visibility from surrounding streets.

Drive-thru window messaging designed and developed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design

New exterior signage for Atomic Burger designed by Line 58.

Line 58 was able to increase visibility for Atomic Burger's value proposition in the digital realm by applying the new messaging and beautiful photography to the Atomic Burger website and social media accounts.

Updated website for Atomic Burger designed and developed by Line 58 with new food photography by Sara Essex Bradley

Social media cards designed by Line 58 engage Atomic Burger's customers with the new food photography and messaging.

A sampling of the social media cards designed by Line 58 Branding & Web Design

Digital billboard designed by Line 58 to attract families looking for the healthy fast-food alternative.

Since our engagement with Line 58, we have seen a 30% increase in sales over a very short period of time.

— Nick Spitale | Co-Founder & Owner, Atomic Burger

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