That Was Awesome!

Five years ago, we had an idea. What if — instead of doing small pro bono projects for nonprofits when asked — Line 58 decided to donate a full year of brand strategy, branding, web design, social media coaching, and email marketing to one nonprofit and see if we could help that organization transform?

Would it be possible to identify nonprofits that were already doing great work and hit the inflection point such that they would from that moment forward look back on the experience as a “before and after” event?

Working with our fist grant recipient, the Metro Bike Coalition, to create Bike Easy told us we were on to something. And we had a lot of fun in the process! Transforming the Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans into the powerhouse that is now Propeller convinced us that we were adding real value to the nonprofit sector in New Orleans.

We worked with Broad Community Connections to refresh their brand just as they were successfully opening their highest profile project on Broad Street.

And this past year, we helped create the Friends of Lafitte Greenway to celebrate the past work of this organization to bring to fruition the Lafitte Greenway and to position the nonprofit to play a pivotal role in programming and sustaining this wonderful new urban amenity in New Orleans.

We are honored to have been invited by these amazing organizations to play a small part in the important work that they do for our community. We have learned more from them than they have from us. In the process, we have donated more than $300,000 worth of time and services to make our community stronger.

This year, we are taking a break. We want to take stock of what we have learned and see how we can best continue to give back to the community. If you are a nonprofit and were hoping to apply for the 2018 grant, please be sure to sign up on our mailing list as we will use that to announce our future plans!

Thank you to all our partners in this little experiment of ours! More evidence that you can, in fact, be the change you want to see.