Fresh and Tasty Branding

In the world of retail fast-food, it’s not easy being the new kid on the block. But we crave a challenge, and when two brothers who had perfected the fast-food burger approached us with the goal of opening their first restaurant, we sank our teeth into it.

With Line 58, we got a strategic partner. We hired them for their design chops but they came to the table with far more – solving countless problems in the launch of our brand. As we move from brand development to opening and brand implementation, Line 58 continues to add value for us at each step of the journey.

Joe Spitale, Co-founder & Owner
New Orleans, LA

The illuminated rooftop sign at the flagship restaurant, which is located along a busy stretch of highway in Metairie, LA, really makes Atomic Burger stand out among other commercial businesses.

A fresh idea for a fast-food restaurant

Another fast-food burger joint? Not quite. New Orleans-based Atomic Burger is looking to put the food back in fast-food, serving house ground burgers, hand cut fries and yummy liquid nitrogen milkshakes. As a start up, they needed to launch with a brand that was every bit a unique, appealing and authentic as their food.

First, Atomic Burger had to look established when they opened. In addition, their branding had to set them apart by conveying their most appetizing aspects – honest, delicious food that customers can trust, served in a welcoming and fun way.

The drive-thru menu outside carries over accents and colors from the interior. Just because it’s fast, doesn’t mean it can't be delicious!
These bright wayfinding signs make the restrooms easy to spot.
What's the best way to enjoy a delicious burger, coke and fries? In and on tasty designs of course! We loved working on the bags, cups and tray liners Atomic Burger uses to serve their food (and because we're totally into being thorough - we made sure to test all the finished products ourselves).

Environmental signs, the drive-thru menu and food packaging all come together with the Atomic Burger brand.

A mouthwatering brand

Because it was a start up, we were able to carry our vision to the entire brand – interior and drive-thru menus, cups, bags, tray liners, shirts, hats, way-finding signage, interior branding, rooftop and street signage – you name it. We also consulted on the interior design by picking paint colors, flooring, furniture and countertops, all involving many site visits and close collaboration with the client and vendors.

The interior menu is well lit and easy to read, so the only hard part is figuring out which burger to order.
The space stays bright all day long thanks to two full walls of windows, which paired with dark grey paint give it a cozy, modern feel.

Getting into the process so early was important because Line 58 was able to make key decisions on the building and interior to strengthen the brand.

Atomic Burger has a retro space-age design. It looks like a place where Buck Rogers would stop for a bite while running errands on Veterans Boulevard.

— Todd A. Price ,

Results to relish.

It seems Atomic Burger was just what consumers and the media were hungry for, as it opened in the fall of 2013 to rave reviews, like being named one of the Top 10 Burgers in New Orleans for 2014. Which is saying a mouthful in a town where great food is a way of life.

Line 58’s goal of creating a brand that feels established and “grown up” has worked, as we’ve had many people tell us they think they’ve seen Atomic Burger in other places. (They’re not…yet.) That tells us it looks like it belongs with the big boys, and that we’ve created a brand for Atomic Burger that could help it go nuclear.

About the Client

Atomic Burger's mission is to put the food back in fast food. No more compromise.

Their house ground beef, hand-cut fries and liquid nitrogen milkshakes are all made from fresh and natural ingredients. The first Atomic Burger location is open and serving lunch and dinner on Veterans Avenue in Metairie, Louisiana.