How do you attract qualified candidates to your staffing firm?

The world of healthcare staffing is crowded with agencies of all sizes. Here's how we helped Advantage Medical Professionals stand out.

Line 58 has made a great effort to understand the complexities of our industry. They're always asking questions, thinking about new improvements they can implement, and proposing strategies to help us across our departments. They're also very communicative, providing us with regular analytics updates and weekly check-ins.

Gina Cannatella, Vice President
Advantage Medical Professionals | New Orleans, LA

The Challenge


With staffing shortages throughout the country, contract and travel nurses have become more and more in-demand. The result has been the growth of a booming staffing industry, in which agencies manage a pool of qualified staff to fill temporary vacancies.

Since 1984, Advantage Medical Professionals has been reliably connecting healthcare institutions with professional clinicians from their headquarters in New Orleans. Looking to grow from regional player to national authority, Advantage partnered with Line 58 to conduct a full-scale rebrand that would impress both clients and clinicians. But most importantly, they needed to grow their pool of Registered Nurses—the lifeblood of their firm.

The Strategy


Having already partnered with Advantage on naming, positioning, and branding, we turned our focus toward the heart of Advantage's business: RN acquisition.

This strategic work began with a brand new website, custom integrated to sync with API Healthcare's workforce management software to display up-to-date job vacancy data. Clinicians could now check Advantage's website for current listings of all of their available placements across the country.

Then, we developed a robust content ecosystem designed to attract potential clinician partners with high-interest content tailored to their interests. These stories about travel and adventure reached nurses through Advantage's blog and its bimonthly e-mail blasts.


With a significant portion of Advantage's target audience primarily using mobile devices, developing an effective and responsive social media strategy was essential.

We created vibrant, brand-appropriate digital materials to populate Advantage's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms to drive engagement. We used contests, sponsored posts, and targeted advertising [including up-to-date job alerts] to grow our Facebook audience and foster community with messages of appreciation and pride in the profession.

All of these efforts funneled clinicians to Advantage's website, where they could perform job searches and fill out an inquiry form, leading to a recruitment call.


To provide content for our email blasts and social media channels, we planned and wrote blog posts that appealed to nurses' real interests. Whereas other firms might use their blog to talk about their organization ad nauseam, Advantage's blog focuses on providing travel tips, identifying must-download apps for travel nurses, and outlining exciting day trips for travel nurses to take.


As Advantage started to branch out geographically, developing relationships with providers across the country and securing placements in other states, we tailored our messaging to accompany the expansion.

We developed landing pages that celebrated the cultural riches of each state Advantage was in, highlighting museums, hiking, shopping, and traditions unique to each destination. We shared these landing pages in themed emails and on social media and supplemented them with blog posts about exciting things to do in each state.

Texas, Louisiana and Arizona Landing Pages


In order to ensure robust email open-rates, we are continually using data from past e-mails to inform future content choices. We found that we could contact nurses twice as frequently [every two weeks] as long as we were providing useful information about available placements and links to interesting blog posts.

Examples of three emails to Advantage's subscribers

The Results

Together, our blog posts, email blasts, landing pages, and social media presence form an ecosystem of content, all geared toward acquiring and retaining nurses. We've been able to grow our audience significantly and quickly, meaning that we're continually improving Advantage's chances of conversion. The result has been a dramatic increase in traffic, as nurses are finding what they're looking for: content that speaks directly to them.

Today, Advantage is able to reach thousands of nurses every month with a diverse array of digital tools and engagement is nourished and encouraged through useful job alerts, industry-specific contests, and posts about industry best practices.

Geoff Coats, CEO & Creative Director of Line 58
New Orleans, Louisiana

About the Client

Advantage Medical Professionals is a healthcare staffing firm based in New Orleans, LA with facility partners in more than 20 states.

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